We connect clients with translators.

localistars is the go-to marketplace for clients and translators to get translation jobs done.

As client you'll find translators and
as translator you'll find translation jobs.

Direct contact, no middleman – just collaborating localistars!

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Localization done directly with your partner

We are about transparency and trust.

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Find the best offer

Client: Choose the best fitting translators.
Translator: Bid for suitable translation jobs of clients.

As client you accept bids based on price and experience of the translator.

As translator you cherry-pick the projects you want to work on.

Direct contact

There is no middleman – you get direct access to the experts. No annoying text monitoring or filtering.

As client you may choose to collaborate with the same translators for future projects and grow your own team.


It's all about the content. Projects are set-up with content in mind so the localistars can work together effectively.

Clients want to reach their global audience while translators want to choose from diverse tasks. We heard you both.

Risk-free payment

As a localistar you don't need to worry about your payment.

Clients will only be charged if they approve the content provided by a translator.

Translators always get paid on approval.

Get started now!

Become a localistar and either upload translation projects as client or search for projects as translator.

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*No fees for issuing tenders or bidding! No obligations!

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