Why should you choose a localistar?

Our goal is to provide a platform that removes the tedious parts of translations.

Direct Contact

localistars is about you. You're in direct contact with the translator – it's your project, you hold the reins. In contrast to other services we don't set the price and forward the contract to the cheapest translator to maximize our own profit. You choose the translator for your projects yourself, it's your contractor.


No need to waste time managing invoices. It's all done automatically and VAT-compliant. You can download the documents for your accounting anytime. Focus on your job – not on bookkeeping.

Find new translators with ease

More time to get projects done, less time wasted on searching and contracting. Overall localistars is your chance to up your time to market.

Keep the overview

Find all the information in one place. No need to skim through endless lists of emails.

For clients

Let localistars do the tedious parts of your translation workflow.

localistars users

Manage your team

You can add all your team-members to your organisation.

Each user can be granted individual rights so they get access to the relevant parts of your workflow.

Keep working with partners you trust.

Versatile API

Automate your process for being more productive.

localistars api

Do you need some help getting started?

Any question you may have about our pricing or platform will be answered by one of our team members.

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